5 Nuke Tutorials by Dave Scandlyn



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Slappy Studios - 5 Nuke Tutorials by Dave Scandlyn
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Nuke Projection Maps 2D to 3D: Dave Scandlyn presents this first of two camera projecting tutorials in Nuke, in which he ll take a flat image and turn it into a 3D camera flyby. This tutorial stands alone, but view David s second in the series for a more in-depth look at this technique.

Camera projection in Nuke: David Scandlyn, in this second Nuke tutorial, gives a more in-depth look at camera projection and how to take a 2D images and make it 3D.

Compositing in NUKE: In this video tutorial for NUKE, David Scandlyn takes a shot created by a client for a movie called The Trapdoor and accomplishes gruesome and convincing effect work by first using Adobe After Effects, then The Foundry s NUKE.

Using Track Mattes in Nuke: In this video tutorial David Scandlyn shows you how to create a track matte inside of The Foundry s Nuke. David uses color correction, Keylight and some other Nuke filters on green screen footage to achieve a quick track matte.

Tracking, Compositing & Color Correction in Nuke: David Scandlyn gives Creative COW members another installment in his Nuke tutorial series. In this video tutorial, David uses his broad knowledge base and VFX experience to examine tracking, compositing, and color correction.


5 Nuke Tutorials by Dave Scandlyn


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