AudioJungle Bundle 2014 vol.1-8



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AudioJungle Bundle 2014 vol. 1

Pack includes:
• Clapping Ukulele
• Funky Hip-Hop Loop
• Future City
• Indie Rocker
• New Year Song
• One Foot After the Other
• Ukelele and Whistle
• You’ve Got My Heart


AudioJungle Bundle 2014 vol. 2

Pack includes:
Abstract Glitch Effects Pack
Action Movie Music Score
Be My Romeo Valentines Theme
Cinematic Action Explosion
Clair de Lune
Clapping Ukulele
Dancing In The Wood
Dramatic Trailer
Epic Battle And War
Epic Cinematic Movie Trailer Music
Epic Hollywood Underscore
Evil Mushrooms
Funny Swing
Hand in Hand
Italo Disco 80′s
Just Be Happy (with and without whistling)
Looks Like Success
News And Current Affairs
Old Time Memories
Tomorrow’s Future
Ukulele With Sleigh Bells


AudioJungle Bundle 2014 vol. 3

Add Loudness
Be My Valentine
Bright Shining Love (Vocal Mix)
Colors Of Emotions
Comedy Action Country
Dream of Lynea
Driving In My Car
Felix Mendelssohn Wedding March Techno Dance
Friends of Grunge
Funny Walk Logo
Halloween Spooks
Neon Light Flicker
Sunday Morning


AudioJungle Bundle 2014 vol. 4

A Lover’s Story
A Romantic Love Harp
A Sad Orchestral String Story
Acoustic Loop – 2
Acoustic Loop – 31
All for a happy ending
Angelic Romance
Be My Romeo Valentines Theme
Cheery Piano
Classical Heart-warming Music Theme
Funny Swing
Heartbroken Love
Here Is Love Acoustic Guitar
Light Footsteps
Tender Love Theme
Trailer Acts – Volume One


AudioJungle Bundle 2014 vol. 5

Beautiful Day
Bright Trance Night
College Band
Cute Bugs
Dream of Lynea
Floating Particles Logo
Happy Piano and Strings
Marching Band Takes the Field
New Inspiring Tech Product
On Top Of The World
Put a Smile On
Something Elemental
The Happiest Day Ever
The “Oo-Ah-Oo” Song
To Be Punk
Top of the Day
Vintage Love


AudioJungle Bundle 2014 vol. 6

Cinematic Trailer Pack
Super Mega Pirate Action
Stepping to the Top
Absolutely Uplifting
The Happiest Day Ever
Happy Piano and Strings
Corporate Logo Pack


AudioJungle Bundle 2014 vol. 7

A Sunny Day
Arena Anthem
Blue Groove Deluxe
Children Smile
Give Our Dreams Their Wings To Fly
Hey! It’s Your Birthday
Hip Hop Sport
Hit It Hard
In the Moment of Inspiration
Irish Bar
Modern Dance Chart Opening
My Story
Summer Dance
Turning Me On
Epic Trailer


AudioJungle Bundle 2014 vol. 8

Audio Files | Format: mp3 , waw | Size: 554 Mb
Popular music tracks that are often used for music projects in After Effects.
Funky you!!!
Playground Fun
Corporate Logo Pack
Birthday Ident
Water Splash Logo 2
Epic Western
Dark Orchestral Logo 1
Memorial Tribute
Radio Imaging Pack
Feel The Love
Ride Along
Hang In There
Absolutely Uplifting
Born In The 70s
Cinematic Trailer Pack
Epic Power Logo
Stepping to the Top
HiTech Logo


AudioJungle Bundle 2014 vol.1-8


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