NUKE高效提高技法10则教程(Digital-Tutors 10 Ways to Work Faster in NUKE)


本教程是由Digital-Tutors出品的NUKE高效提高技法10则教程,时长:1小时14分,附工程源文件(74 MB),使用软件:NUKE 6.3v2,作者:Chris Glick,官方发布时间:2011年11月1日。

NUKE是一个获得学院奖(Academy Award)的数码合成软件。已经经过10年的历练,为艺术家们提供了创造具有高质素的相片效果的图像的方法。NUKE无需专门的硬件平台,但却能为艺术家提供组合和操作扫描的照片,视频板以及计算机生成的图像的灵活、有效、节约和全功能的工具。在数码领域,NUKE已被用于近百部影片和数以百计的商业和音乐电视,NUKE具有先进的将最终视觉效果与电影电视的其余部分

Nuke合成软件参与制作的著名影视有:I, Robot 机械公敌、《极限特工》xXx、《泰坦尼克号》、T-2、《阿波罗13》、《真实的谎言》、《X战警》等…

Digital-Tutors 10 Ways to Work Faster in NUKE
In these NUKE tutorials, we’ll learn ten tips and tricks to work faster in NUKE, from proxies to expressions to python to render commands. Some of these tips will be obvious, like using proxies and the region of interest to speed up viewer performance. Others will be a bit more complex like building an expensive node disable-enable expression control system tied into our write nodes using Python commands. We’ll also learn how most 3D applications create EXR files and ways we can increase performance by re-rendering them out of NUKE in its’ preferred format. Finally we’ll look at a cheap way to improve our motion blur from NUKE’s 3D system using a combination of samples and vector blurs.


NUKE高效提高技法10则教程(Digital-Tutors 10 Ways to Work Faster in NUKE)

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