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AE流星特效教程 在这个AE教程中,您将学习如何利用Particular和Knoll Light Factory等插件创建一个流行特效的过程。 我们将创建一个mask,然后跟踪我们的视频,然后我们把3D摄像机跟踪应用到2D数据用以供 Knoll Light Factory使用,我们还会讨论一些特效的使用和润色等。

Digital Tutors – Creating a Meteor VFX Shot in After Effects
In this After Effects tutorial you’ll learn the process of how to create a VFX shot of a meteor. This specific shot was released outside of the Digital-Tutors name and accumulated over 500,000 views on YouTube, Reddit and other media sites across the globe.
The training is provided for free with a demo account or a free promotional course account.
Utilizing plug-ins such as Trapcode’s Particular and Knoll Light Factory, []we’ll go through the process of how a meteor effect can be created and integrated into video footage. We’ll go through the process of creating an alpha matte,
tracking our footage, creating a meteor effect with Particular and even work through a technique for converting 3D camera track into 2D data so it can be used with Knoll Light Factory. We’ll also talk about how we can add in some lens effects and use animation to add polish to the shot.
Once you’ve completed this After Effects training, you’ll not only know how to achieve a meteor effect but you’ll also understand how you can use these techniques to create your own meteor effect in your own footage.


AE教程流星坠落效果Digital Tutors-Creating a Meteor VFX Shot in&nbs


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