C4D体积像素化方块预设 Volume Pixel GENERATOR Tools for Cinema 4d



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Volume Pixel GENERATOR工具允许你将任何图像或视频和文字转换方块像素化预设,同时他们帮助你生成镶嵌图像并生成“黑客帝国”的文字效果。所有这些工具都可以支持动态体,以及作为效应和力量。他们提供了许多可能性的动画场景。
Volume Pixel GENERATOR Tools Contains a large palette of tools for CINEMA 4D. These tools allow you to convert any image or video and text to volume pixel, and also they help you to generate mosaic image and generate “matrix”text effect.All those tools can support dynamic body, as well as effectors and forces. They offer many possibilities to animate your scene.

1.Volume Pixel Generator: Quicker and easier this tool allows you to generate volume pixel from an image or video.
2.Image Mosaic Generator: This tool enables you to create amazing mosaics from your digital pictures in a very easyway.
3.Texel Generator: Converts a text to volume pixel.
4.Matrix text Effect Generator: Convert quickly an image or video to matrix text effect or any text effect using
customizable text characters.

C4D体积像素化方块预设 Volume Pixel GENERATOR Tools for Cinema 4d


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