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There is something about the quality of reflective light which is very appealing to the human eye. It lends an element of magical excitement and shining freshness to what would normally be a mundane scene. However, this kind of reflective light effect can be very difficult to capture when shooting a regular video clip. You need to get just the right amount of darkened ambience and subtle flashing light to enhance your subject without getting in the way. An experienced cinematographer might be able to get just the effect you need, but most of your productions won't have the budget or time for that. Luckily, you now have the Digital Juice Drag & Drop Series at your disposal.

The Drag & Drop Reflective Thoughts volume includes more than 40 uniquely useful high-end reflective light backgrounds, each designed to make your footage shine with an enticing interplay of gently flashing light and shadowed spaces. Simply by dragging any of these designs on top of your footage with the appropriate blend mode, you can elevate your footage from the ordinary to the extraordinary, raising the production value of a piece instantly, and making you look like an experienced cinematographer in seconds. The shining motion and light effects provided by the reflected lights in each Drag & Drop clip add a sparkling mystery to your production, while framing and accenting your subject matter, making it stand out and giving it the importance it deserves. Placing text or logos on top of a Reflective Thoughts background can also give you a quick, easy and professional-looking titling solution that won't overwhelm your content.




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