AKE3DV2模型包 星球大战三维模型(Videocopilot Element 3d v2 Star)



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Happy Star Wars day! To celebrate our love for Star Wars we are giving away a sweet collection of 3D models that we built to show you how you can create your own visual effects!

Not just some piece of junk models, these models are high quality with detailed textures! Plus they render fast inside Element 3D! How fast? Fast enough for you!

We had a blast creating this collection and we hope you will have fun playing with these models too!

Note: All scenes rendered inside Element 3D V2!

Need LightSabers or laser blasts? Use our Free Saber plug-in!

Included Models: OBJ with DDS Textures!

Tie Fighter R2-D2
Imperial Corridor Pieces BB-8
Luke Lightsaber X-Wing
Obi-Wan Lightsaber Tatooine Water Vaporator
Darth Vader Lightsaber

DOWNLOAD STAR WARS MODEL PACK! (Place inVideo Copilot model folder)

复制Star_Wars_Pack模型包到:我的文档\VideoCopilot\Models(如我的电脑是Win 10系统):C:\Users\Documents\VideoCopilot\Models


AKE3DV2模型包 星球大战三维模型(Videocopilot Element 3d v2 Star)


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