Houdini 15入门教程



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01. Introduction and Project Overview
02. The User Interface
03. Desktops and Projects
04. Creating and Transforming Geometry
05. Using The Interactive Transform Tools
06. The Handle Tool and Viewport Arrangement
07. The Network View and Understanding Contexts
08. Further Understanding Contexts
09. Importing Geometry, Display Modes and the Parameter View
10. Understanding Scene Scale
11. The Tool menu and Value Ladder
12. Making Selections and Working With the Edit Node
13. The Edit Node in Practice
14. Basic Modeling Tools
15. The Poly Extrude Tool
16. Ghosting Objects and the Polycap Node
17. Simple Expressions and the Blast Node
18. Poly Bridge Tool
19. Features of the Poly Bridge Tool
20. Spine Shape, Pairing Shift, and Bridge
21. Sub-dividing and Edge Loops
22. Using Expressions to Animate Wheel Rotation
23. Editing the Parameter Interface
24. Duplicating With the Copy Node
25. Understanding Attributes
26. Adding Vertex Normal Attributes
27. Adding UV Mapping Attributes
28. Adding Materials Using Groups
29. Advanced Group Creation
30. Applying Materials
31. Visualizing and Editing Groups
32. Lights, Camera, Mantra
33. Tweaking Existing Principled Shaders
34. Customizing the Generic Principled Shader
35. Merging in the Set Geometry
36. Animating With Keyframes
37. Animating Without Keyframes
38. Working with Initial State Velocity
39. Creating Functional Collision Geometry
40. Using the Friction Physical Property
41. Using the Bounce Physical Property
42. Preparing the Scene For Dynamics
43. Adjusting Bounce and Friction
44. Pre-fracturing Geometry
45. The RBD Glue Object


Houdini 15入门教程


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