Premiere Pro CS6影视剪辑与基础80集(中文字幕)



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0000 What is Premiere Pro
0001 Welcome
0002 Using the exercise files
0101 Launching the application for the first time
0102 A tour of the interface
0103 Customizing the window layout and the interface
0104 Exploring the different ways to drive Premiere Pro CS6
0105 Understanding system configuration and the Mercury Playback Engine
0106 Adjusting essential preferences
0201 Importing files and folders
0202 Importing card-based media
0203 Capturing from tape
0204 Organizing media
0205 Reconnecting offline
0301 Basic editing overview
0302 Previewing and marking media in the Project panel
0303 Previewing and marking clips in the Source panel
0401 Editing clips into the Timeline
0402 Marking and targeting destinations in the Timeline
0403 Moving clips in the Timeline and performing a swap edit
0404 Adjusting edit points in the Timeline
0405 Splitting clips using the Razor tool
0406 Deleting clips
0407 Performing an insert edit
0408 Performing an overwrite edit
0409 Dragging to a second layer to edit cutaways
0501 Performing a three-point edit
0502 Performing a replace edit
0503 Targeting specific tracks in the Timeline
0504 Linking and unlinking audio and video tracks
0505 Performing roll and ripple edits
0506 Performing slip and slide edits
0507 Creating subclips
0508 Locating and working with different versions of a clip using Match Frame
0601 Taking control of your Timeline
0602 Adding video and audio tracks
0603 Performing audio-only and video-only edits
0604 Changing track visibility and locking tracks
0605 Rendering
0606 Using the History panel to undo multiple actions
0607 Creating keyboard shortcuts
0608 Creating buttons
0701 Working with audio
0702 Adjusting audio levels in the Source Monitor
0703 Adjusting audio levels in the Timeline
0704 Adjusting the audio mix on the fly
0801 Inserting markers
0802 Snapping markers to each other
0901 Working with stills
0902 Moving on stills
0903 Exporting and re-importing stills
0904 Working with still and animated graphics with transparency
0905 Working with layered Photoshop files
1001 Changing speed and reversing a clip
1002 Changing speed at a variable rate
1003 Creating and using freeze frames
1101 Using transitions
1102 Understanding the nuances of transitions
1103 Modifying transitions
1104 Setting default transitions and applying multiple transitions
1201 Applying and modifying effects
1202 Applying presets and motion effects
1203 Saving favorites
1204 Understanding color correction
1205 Using adjustment layers
1206 Working with green screen and chroma key footage
1207 Using the Warp Stabilizer to stabilize clips
1208 Applying filters to audio
1301 Creating static titles
1302 Creating lower thirds
1303 Creating a credit roll and crawls
1304 Using Photoshop for titles
1401 Introducing multicam editing
1402 Creating a multicam clip with timecode
1403 Creating a multicam clip using sync points
1404 Editing a multicam clip in a Timeline
1405 Refining a multicam edit
1501 Exporting a movie
1502 Sending to Adobe Media Encoder
1503 Printing to video
1601 Next steps


Premiere Pro CS6影视剪辑与基础80集(中文字幕)





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